Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who Do You Trust?

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Some trust in chariots and some in horses, 
   but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Psalm 20:7

New International Version (NIV)

        There are probably not many who have much reliance on horses and chariots in our modern age.  But think of the things we do rely on.   
  • What would you do without electricity?
  • Do you feel a bit stranded when your car breaks down?
  • Would you be inconvenienced if the grocery store shelves were empty?
  • Can you do without television, radio, newspapers, and all other sources of news?
  • Isn't it kind of a problem when the internet goes down?
           We live in a time when we take so much for granted, but any of this could be gone in a moment.  What a struggle many of us would have if we were deprived of the conveniences that make our lives so simple.

          We trust in the infrastructure of our society.   We trust in friends and family.  Many of us rely on ourselves and have trust that we can make it no matter what.   Then when failure comes we are dismayed and sometimes broken.  People and things of this world are not perfect and are subject to failure.  

          Where do you put your ultimate trust?

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  1. Very thought provoking Lee. Thanks for reminding us.


  2. Same place as you. I put my trust in the Lord -- always have, always will.

  3. I put my trust in everything and evryone, until I am given a reason to pull back, and raise my guard.


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