Take the Next Step

       I want to see you find a peace and security in a relationship with God.   This decision is yours alone.  No one can force this upon you.  If you find that your life is lacking something, then that missing something can be filled with a sincere meaningful relationship with the Creator.  If you are relying on yourself or others or temporal things and situations, then you are on shaky ground.  Things may seem wonderful today, but what if it's all gone tomorrow?   Who do you turn to?  Can you guarantee that you will always have the answer for everything?

       Jesus Christ has the answer to all of your doubts and fears.  Don't believe it just because I've said it here or you've heard someone say it on television.   Believe it because you've read it in the Bible.   You may dismiss the Bible as some old silly book with a lot of far-fetched stories.  Have you read the Bible with the right frame of mind?--not to refute or ridicule what it says, but to truly start attempting to understand it.

      Read, listen, and learn.   You may have missed something in your previous encounters with God's Word.  And if you begin to experience that light within that starts telling you that you need God in your life and you sincerely want to invite your Lord to be your Lord then it's time to make a giant leap.

       Are you ready for God?   He's been waiting for you.   Are you ready to live in the faith?

       If you answered "yes" to the preceding questions then you are ready for the next step.

       If you are sincere and truly want a change in your life, then you need to profess your belief in the one true God, confess your shortfall as a sinner, and invite God to come into your life.

       You can say this in your own words or use the following as a model:

Almighty God, I believe in You and what You have done.  You created all things and I am here to seek You and love You.   I believe that You offered your son Jesus Christ for sacrifice to atone for my sins.  I confess that I am a sinner and unworthy to be in your presence, but through your grace I am washed clean to be accepted into your Kingdom.   Dear Lord, give me strength, encouragement, and wisdom to learn more about You and your Word.   Help me to experience sincere change in my life and become a new person as I follow You and spread the Good News to others I encounter along my way through life.  I look forward to an eternity with You.
      This is a prayer of faith and intent--not some magic incantation.   Just repeating it or reading it does not save you.  If you do not speak these words with true belief, a repentant heart, and a sincerity to follow through, then these words are merely words.   

       Speak these words and then live them.   What you begin to think and do after you have accepted Christ into your life will show you how effectively you approached the throne of God.  The change will become apparent to those around you.  You will become a bearer of God's light and a seeker of more of His Truth.

        I wish you the best and will be happy to try to answer any questions you might have.  If I have said anything that you feel is incorrect, please let me know so I can correct it if I need to.   If you have prayed this prayer through my efforts on this page, please let me know so I can feel the encouragement to continue on this path that I am taking.

       May God provide his richest blessings to us all.


  1. Thank you for providing this helpful, straightforward, and heart-felt post. Do you mind if I place a link to it on my blog? Thanks again, Arlee, for your ministry.
    Pam at 2 Encourage

  2. Pam, by all means feel free to link to this message. And I give my permission for anyone else to link to this as well.



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