Sunday, May 17, 2015

Temporary Hiatus

English: The open road: the B3224 across the B...
 The open road: the B3224 across the Brendon Hills. This fast and open road carries surprisingly little traffic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       With summer around the corner and so much for me to do at the present time, I have decided to take a break from posting at this site for an indeterminate period.   This will be the case with all of my blogs except for Tossing It Out which will most likely go into a cut back summer schedule to be decided in the next week or so.   If circumstances change I may be back up and running at A Few Words, but the time being my projected date of return to this site will be sometime in September.  

See you then if not before!

A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9
New King James Version (NKJV)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A to Z Reflections for A Few Words

       As a participant in the 2015 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge I'm joining in with others who are offering their reflections on this sixth edition of the annual event. The Reflections posts have been a tradition from the first Challenge in 2010. To see the entire list of bloggers with Reflection posts visit the A to Z Challenge Blog. The Linky List will open on Monday May 4th.

A Few Words about A to Z 2015

       As a rule this blog receives few visits with a very minimal number of comments.   This past April was no exception.  During A to Z A Few Words had an average of less than 50 visits per day with the largest number occurring for the post I for Idols which received 90 visits.  This was the only post I promoted to any great extent and even though the post had more visits then others, there were only three comments on this somewhat controversial approach that I took regarding this topic.   

       Low turn-out is probably to be expected on this blog due to the nature of the subject matter.  Of course I'm disappointed that there are not more visitors to this blog, but I'm not surprised either.  Something that I do wonder about is how many people actually do find blogs from the Linky List.  A Few Words was added a few days after the list opened and probably started near the number 500 spot or somewhere in that vicinity.  I guess we'd need to know more stats from other bloggers to come close to any conclusion about the effectiveness of visits coming from the Linky List and that's something we'll likely never know for sure.

        As on my other blogs with low traffic, I'm disappointed about the performance but not discouraged.  At least I have content added to my blog that has the potential of being seen by someone eventually.  And some of the content might be something I can eventually use for other purposes one day.  Content is good to have on hand as we never know when we might need it or how it might be useful to us.

         My focus remains on my main blog Tossing It Out.  That's the blog I tend to promote the most and the blog that serves my interests the most.  I see A Few Words as my attempt to serve God.  Even if this blog is merely writing and blogging practice for me, preparing the posts helps keep me in some Bible study while giving me more opportunity to write.   The blog is not in vain nor is participation in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Sometimes the effectiveness of what we do now is not evident until sometime in the future.

Commit your work to the Lord,
and your plans will be established.

Proverbs 16:3
English Standard Version (ESV)