Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sing Out All Ye God's People!

A heavenly choir
A heavenly choir (Photo credit: jophan)

Some nations boast of their chariots and horses,
    but we boast in the name of the Lord our God.

Psalm 20:7

New Living Translation (NLT)

       I'd like to believe that the United States is boasting in the name of God, but sadly our nation on the greater part rejects God and has a tendency to rely on the power of weaponry, technology, and the force of man.   Nations that stay on that track are destined for a future crash.  The fastest gun is eventually sought out by an upstart gunman looking to usurp power for his own gain.

       Individually we can put our faith in the Lord of Lords, the Mighty God of the Universe, and we can be saved from the torment of eternal suffering.  The world gives us the world in its sad temporality.   Now is not tomorrow.   No matter how hard we grasp and cling to the present, we can never keep it.   Memories may remain, but they are an insignificant replacement for a glory that can be ours in eternity.

       You have a choice in your own destiny, but is that choice the best one you can make.   A day of judgement is coming.  Will you be lifting your voice in a heavenly choir of praise to the Lord?   Or have you rejected God and given your trust to things of this weary world?   Do you even think about any of this?

        A precipice lies ahead on your darkened path as you journey through life.   Don't fall into that pit of despair and separation from your Creator.   Be lifted on the wings of love and be ready to sing for eternity.

And they were singing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb:
“Great and marvelous are your works,
    O Lord God, the Almighty.
Just and true are your ways,
    O King of the nations.
 Who will not fear you, Lord,
    and glorify your name?
    For you alone are holy.
All nations will come and worship before you,
    for your righteous deeds have been revealed.

Revelation 15:3-4

New Living Translation (NLT)

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  1. If this eventually shows up, blogger bit me with "conflicting edits..."

    So once again...

    "The world gives us the world in its sad temporality." And sadly, that is enough for many. Like the grave we found on our trip Thursday in the midst of the thick woods. Forgotten, all life's accomplishments set at nil. But we look to a greater Light ahead, one that takes us past time and space.


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