Thursday, May 17, 2012

Appreciating the Zealotry of the #atozchallenge

 I found a blogfest over at Denise Covey's L'Aussie blog where she's asking us to repost our favorite blog post from the A to Z Challenge. Go to her site to find the Linky list to read more blogs or sign up with your own.  This was kind of difficult to say one was the favorite, but here's one that I liked.


           Though not considered a Christian music artist, in 1970 Turley Richards came onto the popular music scene with an incredible version of the hymn "I Heard the Voice of Jesus".   I found it on a Warner Brothers sampler album that came out at the time and listened to the song in amazement.  Turley's vocal range is astounding.  The emotion with which the song is presented stirs the soul.

          "I Heard the Voice of Jesus" at least made it to the U.S. pop charts, but didn't rank very high.  However the song is somewhat of a cult hit and has attained a respectable fan base in Latin American countries.

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  1. I haven't heard this one before, but it's a nice melody.

  2. Hi Arlee. I know the old version of this song, but you're right, this one is astounding. I'm going to pass on the youtube address to some interested parties. Love it.

    It's great that you have different blogs for different focus. I have too but admit I don't have enough time to do justice to them all.

    Thanks for supporting the RFW blogfest.


  3. Just want to give a shout out, a hug, a high 5, a handshake, a pat on the back, some love and a good morning to you!

  4. You're right...this is outstanding. I've some friends who will be very impressed with this version, so I'm definitely sharing it with them. Thanks for re-posting, as I missed this the first time round.

  5. Dear Friend,
    First time hearing this. It is a nice melody for sitting back and writing. Poetry of course (smile). Thanks for sharing.

  6. My first time hearing this too. Thanks for sharing this excellent music video.

  7. He does have a beautiful voice. A good song. I haven't listed to gospel music in a while, but I've always loved it. Its so uplifting.

    Thanks for participating in RFW's challenge this week Lee. I'll bet you're taking a much needed rest break :)


  8. Charmaine -- Thanks for listening.

    Denise -- With multiple blogs it's inevitable that some might stay in the background, but that's okay since I'm keeping more focus on specific blogs. Thanks for co-hosting this blogfest to allow us to give some neglected posts another shot.

    KC -- Thanks for the friendly gesture.

    Spotts -- Turley's song was worth another round of exposure.

    Andy -- Good to see you here and thanks for stopping.

    Scheherazade -- I enjoy sharing the songs that have special meaning to me.

    Donna -- Thanks for co-hosting the event allowing to give this a second chance at exposure.



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