Thursday, April 5, 2012

The English Band / Joe English

          Late one night in 1985 I was traveling down I-95 somewhere in Maryland or Northern Virginia.  It was during the Magical Land of Oz tour with the World of Fantasy Players.  We had finished a show and were making a night jump to our next town.  I tuned in to some radio station and heard a song that caught my attention; a song that was identified as "Yield to the Spirit" by the English Band.

         At the time I had recently began exploring Christian rock music.  I had been peripherally familiar with Christian rock, but at that time did not realize the extent of it.  The song I heard that night was as good or better as anything I had been hearing on the Top Forty stations so I wanted to find out more.

         Since the album was a new release, I had no problem finding it in a store that sold Christian music.  As I investigated further I found that Joe English had formerly been a drummer with Paul McCartney's Wings and then the Southern Rock band Sea Level.

          For the next several years I developed a passion for Contemporary Christian Music and began seeking out as much as I could find about the topic and the artists.  I've received much enjoyment and edification from listening to Christian music.  The What You Need album by the English Band was one of the primary influences that began my Christian musical journey.

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  1. heeheehee!
    very '80's but it sounded good!
    man, you know A LOT more contemp christian artists than i do!

  2. I had this record too, Lee. I might still have it...somewhere...Are you me?

  3. Found you through A to Z!!

    I love your theme. I am a newbie to the CCM, but all ready have my favorites. Have you heard of Fernando Ortega, Sovereign Grace....

    I will be back!

  4. I love Contemporary Christian Music. So uplifting!! :)

    Have a great weekend.

    And, I'm having a blast with the atoz challenge!

  5. Vic -- I'm probably older than you.

    Ron -- I'm not surprised we're on the same musical wavelength. I think that's partly what got us connected in the first place.

    Jody -- I like Fernando Ortega a lot. I not familiar with the music of Sovereign Grace.

    Margo -- Good to hear on both accounts.



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