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        Do you have faith in man?

        Perhaps it's better to call it assumptions.  People easily and frequently fail us, but often we must resort to a diluted version of faith just to get by on a daily basis.  We must have some element of something like faith before we step on a plane, eat food we buy at a store, or go into an operation room.  We assume that we can trust certain people into whose hands we place our lives and well-being.

        I always find it a bit odd when atheists, evolutionists, or others of similar type belief systems will scoff at the foolish unfounded faith of Christians.   What is so strong about the belief systems of those scoffers?  For me it's a matter of whose god is stronger.

        Does the atheist have the promise of eternal life?  For that matter, if God does not exist why is it so important to prove there is no God.  The religion of atheism is the absolute faith of fools.  To believe that something does not exist?   The faith of anti-faith?

       Or what about evolution?  I think it takes a very strong leap of faith to believe that people descended from lower animals and all living things descended from some atom that was brought to life in some mysterious way and then perpetuated itself and even  mutated into divergent life forms.  Whew!  Talk about a million monkeys with typewriters theories.   I personally find a difficult time buying the random something from nothing theory.

        If my faith is not important to you then let it be.  But in your moments of doubt I hope you will consider that faith.  God has laid the way for your salvation no matter what you believe now or have believed in your past.  Don't be angry with God and don't think you or some fallible hero that you may worship holds all the answers.   When you have been failed, hurt, or left alone, someone is waiting who believes in you.   He believes in you because He created you.  He wants you to come to Him.  Are you ever willing to admit that your faith has been misguided?   Will you accept the truth that there is something out there greater than man?

      Have faith.  With faith you can have inner peace, contentment, joy, and life eternal in the presence of the one who never fails.  Faith.  This is the way to God.

         Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

New International Version (NIV)

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  1. Have you heard the song Reimagine? Sue

  2. Without faith there can be no hope, without hope what is there to look forward to,

    Great post.

  3. I am so very thankful for your witness, Arlee. This is good stuff.

  4. I live my life on Faith!! Faith gets me through the day. Faith puts me to bed at night. Faith is my refuge and my stronghold. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt Faith with us, Arlee.

  5. Faith was my F Word As well! Great Post!

    Thanks for posting! Awesome blog! Thanks for holding this challenge for everyone! It is SO MUCH FUN! I love receiving nice comments from people! Thanks Again!!!!

    Mike R

  6. >> . . . all living things descended from some atom that was brought to life in some mysterious way and then perpetuated itself and even mutated into divergent life forms. Whew! Talk about a million monkeys with typewriters theories.

    It could also be said that those people believe they came into existence as a result of billions of "miracles". But we believe we are the result of just one miracle.

    Lee, it was 19 years ago today that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Holy King and Savior. This is a very special date for me.

    Take care, Brotherman.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Thank you all for your support. And a special praise for Stephen T McCarthy for this special date in his life!


  8. Really enjoyed this. You're right. Even atheists have to have faith in something. But I LOVE that you explain them having "the faith in anti-faith"

    And evolution? If we evolved, shouldn't the organism from which humans evolved cease to exist? If we are a better, more adapted version of the ape (or whatever), why does it still exist? I asked this of my anthropology professor, and her answer was, "We aren't sure." Soooo... they have faith in it, though? :)

    When you have a chance, I hope you will take a peek at my three posts on faith on my blog.

    See you Monday. Great F.

    Waiter, drink please!

  9. Yay! Thanks for your "politically incorrect" comments!!! Sandy


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