Friday, April 12, 2013

Knowledge (#atozchallenge)

Knowledge will make you free
Knowledge will make you free (Photo credit: tellatic)

         Faith comes by hearing, but it does not end there.  This is only the first step.  It's up to us to step beyond to study the scripture.  What we are told by others may not always be absolutely correct.  Reading the Bible, contemplating its message, and praying for greater understanding of what we read are essential for us to gain a true knowledge of God's Word.

         Interpretations of scripture can be corrupted and distorted with passages taken out of context and scripture misapplied to create theologies that are false and misleading.   If we have confidence in our teachers we should listen, but we should also do our research to make sure what they are saying is correct.  There is nothing wrong with questioning those who appear to know more than we do.  That is a part of true learning.

          In the times of the early Christian church the group known as the Bereans were commended for their practice of listening carefully to Paul's teachings and then going home to study scripture to reaffirm that he was teaching them correctly.  They were considered to be of noble character due to their sincere quest for truth and true knowledge.  They were not lazy followers of Jesus Christ, but they worked at reaffirming and strengthening their faith.

         Take care as you gather your knowledge.  Rely on more sources than just one if you are reading outside of scripture.  Does what you are reading come from a credible source?   Also don't rely on what you have always believed or what you would like to believe.  Be sure that the knowledge you are acquiring is scripturally based.

        Then when you have the knowledge, what are you going to do with it?  Be sure to use it to lead others to begin their own search for knowledge.   Lead others to the well and drink the Living Water together.  Your quest for knowledge should be life long.

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  1. A great post Lee, I found the Bible can be very misleading in some context. But on the whole I have found it very knowledgeable.


  2. Good advice, Lee. God's Word can withstand the scrutiny. :)

  3. Thank you for your visits to this post.


  4. Love this reminder to be careful with our researching. Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  5. Great points--especially that we should not automatically believe all that we hear and read...or what we have believed in the past to be true.


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