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         Jesus is who this A to Z series is all about.   Jesus is what the world is all about in the final accounting of things.

          Many have heard of Jesus and know something about Him.  In many ways things haven't changed that much since Jesus walked this Earth.   People hear and some accept who He is while others reject Him.  The main problem is many don't learn the whole story.  It didn't start in the manger in Bethlehem.  The coming of Jesus Christ was prophesied thousands of years prior to his coming.   His coming was always meant to be and yet many doubted when He arrived and many still doubt.

         Faith and believing start with hearing the Word.   Don't let it stop there.  You need so much more than just hearing in order to walk in the footsteps of our Lord.   Greater understanding comes from studying and learning more about who Jesus is and why He came.   Never just go on the words of what someone tells you.  You must read and learn more on your own.

          Jesus was born of a virgin, lived and walked among the people in His time, was crucified and died to atone for our sins, was buried and resurrected, and will one day return in glory.   Those who have a true belief in Christ as the Savior and have accepted Him totally into their lives with  confession and humble adoration will join Jesus for eternity.

           It is a big story.   The Greatest Story Ever Told.   A story for us and for all the ages.  It is the story of Jesus Christ.  Hear it, but then live it, learn it, and know it.      

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  1. Jesus is the only "J" that matters in this world.


  2. Yes, Jesus is literally what makes the world go around. Great post!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  3. Love, love, love, love Him. So glad to see His name here. As I sat watching The Bible series last month, it occurred to me that Jesus walked the earth during the only time He COULD walk the earth without total (meaning 100%) and widespread disbelief and cynicism. Let me explain: If a messiah showed up in today's techno world of Google searches, cell phone apps, Photoshop, and Internet hackers--who would believe it now? Absolutely NO ONE.

    Besides, and here's the best part -- how would He ever show up on a donkey?

    So, for those STILL waiting on the messiah.... Who. Are. You. Waiting. For?

    Great post!

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  4. Good blog bit, LEE, and everything you've said here is True (capital "T").

    You and I and other commenters here know the details concerning the fact that "The coming of Jesus Christ was prophesied thousands of years prior to his coming." I only wish you had specifically mentioned a few of them to get the attention of the doubters.

    So many times disbelievers have questioned my confidence in Jesus as the prophesied Messiah in the Old Testament. Then I hit them with fact after fact after fact and they, like all humbled dunderheads do, get very quiet and cease their loud, arrogant, blasphemous and false accusations.

    I wish this blog bit had included at least a few verifiable facts (since many are available) that would have supported The Truth of what you had stated (which was The Truth indeed).

    Yes, people need to investigate the facts for themselves (as I said in my recent 3-part blog bit about How To Study The Bible), but why not get them started with some factual fireworks that would have fueled their fascination? I still think this was a good post, but it's one that could have been, and probably should have been, longer, for the purpose of elaborating on the bold and accurate Truth that it was bringing to the table.

    Sometimes, "more is... more", and a post like this one, while stating The Truth, was not likely to get the attention of someone like "Eve". But if you had provided verifiable facts along WITH your viewpoint... who knows? There are a lot of "Eves" out there who are totally unaware of how much evidence there is for God and His Son, Christ Yeshua.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Thanks for the support with your comments.

    StMc -- Keep in mind the context of this post. As an A to Z post I'm merely providing "a few words" each day to try to plant seeds for thought and investigation. As I had said in my intro to the series, I may be mostly be getting read by those who already believe, but if there are those who don't yet, I don't know that a lengthy treatise would get read. However, maybe someone will read something here and decide they want to know more. This blog is not a blog so much of education, but short thoughts that I hope could lead to one seeking more--like reading some of your excellent posts. I think there is a need and a purpose in both of our efforts. As always, I appreciate you comments, encouragement, and support.
    Love ya, brother!


  6. Thanks for the reply, BROTHER LEE ~

    I hope I didn't come across as "trying to tell you how to run your blog". It's just that very often when I read or watch something that I am already very informed about, there's a part of my mind that stands "outside" of my knowledge and evaluates the thing as if I know nothing about it whatsoever. I'm always asking myself questions from a "newbie" viewpoint like: "Would this convince me?" "How would this make me feel?" "What questions would this raise?" "What arguments against it would I have?"

    I do this even with my own stuffs that I've written. I'll reread what I wrote with thoughts like the aforementioned in mind, and oftentimes I feel compelled to rewrite certain sections because that viewpoint "outside" of myself highlights certain areas that are weaker and could be strengthened.

    I realize that you are posting something new for every letter of the alphabet, and so you are limited in space and time and can't turn any one blog bit at "A Few Words" into a full sermon. But I still believe that two or three verifiable facts - illustrating that you are writing about Truths and not just some personal, wishful, "Santa Claus" thinking - would have made the blog bit more compelling. I believe that anyone not already in "the choir" who read this particular post might dismiss it as: "Oh, that's just what Lee chooses to believe for himself".

    Maybe two or three short parenthetical facts (i.e., "Were you aware that the Old Testament clearly stated that when the Messiah - Jesus - presented Himself to Israel, He would be murdered and the temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed shortly afterwards?") would have compelled some readers not already in "the choir" to begin a personal investigation to see whether or not what you had said was correct. That's an effective way to "catch men".

    Regardless, Lee, I like this blog bit and I am following along as you go. Keep up the Good News, Bro!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. This is the great thing about having a comment section and I mentioned in my intro to the series that I hoped I would receive comments of illumination such as yours.

    Thank you!



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