Friday, April 26, 2013

Worship ( #atozchallenge )

worship (Photo credit: Celestial Photography)

        If you're feeling down, tired, depressed, or alone, perhaps you need a good dose of worship!

        Forget the energy drinks and power pills.  You need to energize with the power of God!

         Worship should be directed toward God, but it is not just for God.  Worship is for you too.  Worship can bring you closer to God and will bring God closer to you.   Whether you worship alone, at church, or in a crowd of thousands, God will be there.

          A good worship from the core of your being can lift you up to rise above all that might be burdening you.  It can clear your thinking and purify your spirit.  Like a dead battery getting a recharge, you can get back the energy that you need to strengthen your faith and help you stay in step on the path to God's Kingdom.

          Not a believer yet?   Try worshiping anyway.  Attend a worship service that suits you.  Sing, praise, and lift up your hands.  If you don't find God, perhaps He'll find you to let you know He's listening.

          Worship can do a body good.   And it's especially good for the mind and spirit.

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  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom (another w word)
    Pills and drinks don't help.


  2. Yes! Worship the Lord with gladness.

  3. This is the second blog I've come across today with worship as it's W word. Worship does do a body good! It's a permanent fix without any negative side effects.


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