Friday, April 19, 2013

Quiet Places ( #atozchallenge )

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        Previous posts have brought up things like prayer and meditation, but sometimes it seems so difficult to be able to tune ones mind into these modes.  How can we pray and meditate when so much is going around us?  It's a busy noisy world!

        Jesus went into places like gardens, desert places, and the wilderness to be alone in silence.  Once Jesus began his ministry he was nearly always surrounded by others and the Bible tells us of various instances where Jesus would retreat by himself or with the apostles to get away to a solitary place to pray.

         Most of us are not surrounded by crowds like Jesus was, but still we have many distractions that interfere with our communication time with God and our time to reflect on His Word.  Quiet surroundings make for better mediation and study opportunities.   Silent solitude helps one to focus on communing with the Lord.

         Find your quiet places where you can make your retreat to restore your mind, body, and spirit.  Turn off the televisions and radios.  Shut down the computer for a while.  Find a room in your house, a place in your yard, or a peaceful spot in a park.  You may even have to create your own metaphorical quiet place in your own mind where you shut out everything around and focus on God.

          If God has something He needs to tell you then you need to be able to hear His still small voice.  You can hear much better in the quiet places away from the distractions of the world.

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  1. I always turn TV, computer off an hour before going to bed so I can (a) think about the day just gone,(b) the next day and give my thanks to God for all the good things in life and pray for those suffering and events such as the Boston Explosion. I call it !My Thoughtful Hour".

  2. "A Few Words" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  3. While some like to listen to music while meditating, praying, or reading the Bible, I am one of those who needs absolute silence!!! I remember once putting on those sound exclusion headphones when I couldn't escape to a solitary, quiet place, just so I could cut all the distractions out! Great post for Q!!!

  4. My quiet place is the garden or a secluded beach; maybe even a corner with a book.

  5. I try to be somewhat technology free on the weekends. I normally don't blog (except April of course), and since my hubs is home I stay off the computer and mostly away from my phone. Its hard to be quiet in a world that is constantly shouting.

  6. So very true, oddly I sometimes find my time in the shower as extra quiet time. I get more quiet time then some folks, as I never have tv or radio or Cd's on for background noise, so my house is usually quiet. I even find time thinking between blogs; thought that doesn't shut out the rest of the world. I wake up multiple times a night and going back to sleep is difficult; rarely do I get up...just enjoy the quiet.


  7. I thank you all for the comments.



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