Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prayer ( #atozchallenge )

The Lord's Prayer (1886-1896) from the series ...
The Lord's Prayer (1886-1896) from the series The Life of Christ, Brooklyn Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     Prayer is our direct line of communication to God.  If you need help, answers, or comfort, you can talk to God in prayer and let him know what's on your mind or what it is that you need.   You should approach God with humility and use the prayer model that suits you best.

         There are different prayer models that you can use, but Jesus said it best in what we know as "The Lord's Prayer" ( Matthew 6:9–13).   Prayer can be broken down into the following components:

  1. Praise--We should begin by acknowledging God's power and sovereignty.  He is Lord and in His power he is capable being able to grant that for which we pray.
  2. Expressing gratitude for his love and all that he provides us.
  3. Asking Him to provide what we need now for ourselves and others.
  4. Confessing our sinfulness with contrition.
  5. Entreating God for his mercy upon us.
          Praying in this way will help bring us peace of mind and blessings in our lives.   Prayer should never become just empty ritual or half-hearted obligation.  This should be the quality time when you let God know how you feel and what your needs are.   God will be listening.

          Prayer should equal peace.  Your peace of mind.  Your peace of body.  Your peace with the world around you.   But most of all your peace with God

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  1. Most inspirational post, enjoyed the read.


  2. A good way to remember "how to pray", taught by the Lord's prayer. I'm not a "Lord's prayer" prayer, as it was a model with which to pray by, but I do try to remember the parts that are important. Thanks for a better guideline than "just trying to remember it"!


  3. Prayer is key. Thanks.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  4. I've never heard of using the letters from "peace" as a model for prayer before, but it's perfect! What better way to remember, thank to think of what prayer brings! Thanks for a great post.

  5. Prayer is something I do need to do a lot more of. It's weird how when things get worse, I tend to forget prayer, which is when it would do me the most good. Great reminder!
    Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

  6. I don't know how I haven't found this blog of yours yet, Lee! Just glad I happened upon it today. :) I haven't seen the "peace" model for prayer before, either--usually I think of ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) as the acronym for the parts of prayer. But "PEACE" is a really good one!

    I struggle with being in the Word and in prayer every day. Thanks for this encouragement and conviction!

    Jaimie at Living in the Light
    A to Z Ambassador

  7. Thank you all for your visits and supportive comments. I was thinking of the ACTS acronym, but then I was listing the parts of prayer and it came to me through PEACE. It seems so natural.



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