Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Understanding ( #atozchallenge )

English: Readin the Bible.
English: Readin the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         So often I'll hear people say they don't read the Bible because the don't understand it.  Perhaps they don't understand it because they don't read it!  Or maybe they are just not reading carefully and prayerfully.  The Bible can be a complex book with many things that are difficult to understand on first reading.  As the Bible is reread and studied, more things begin to fall into place and understanding becomes easier.

         There are many things in life that are hard to understand and when we don't want to understand them then we never do.  The Bible and the overriding story it tells is the message of God's love for us and how we can obtain salvation.  If we focus on this one theme and study the Bible with that theme in mind, the pieces begin to fall into place.  When this happens, prepare to be amazed.

           For those who complain that you don't understand God and why He would do the things he does, remember that he is God.  He is greater than you, and His ways will never fully be fathomed by you.  If you go to your doctor or car mechanic, you may not understand everything those specialists do.  You trust them that they will do the job you are paying them to do.  Let God do His work in you!  Trust in Him.

         Understanding comes from gaining knowledge about that which you are trying to understand.  Read books about the Bible, watch videos, listen to teaching programs about the Bible, join a Bible study group.  There are so many resources available to you.  Find those which are of help to you and let them guide you.

         Most of all, read the Bible with a sincere intent to understand.   Read, contemplate what you have read, pray about it, and read it again.   Understanding will come to the persistent mind that earnestly seeks understanding.

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  1. Great post of understanding.


  2. Hello, friend! Thank you so much for your post! We need sometimes to be reminded of good things, don't we? With reading, and prayer comes understanding. God bless you. Best regards to you, Ruby

  3. Before reading the Bible, one must pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them. John 14:26. It's as easy as that.

  4. Very inspirational post. Thank you.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  5. I thank God for His purpose being served through you, Lee! My heart is touched!


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