Saturday, April 20, 2013

Real Love ( #atozchallenge )

God the Father 01
God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

       Have you experienced real love in your life?   Can you give real honest to goodness love to another person?   I guess we can call this unconditional love.  We probably most associate this with our love for our children or perhaps even our spouses.   But sometimes we can be pushed to certain limits where we might question that love.  How far would you have to be pushed before you started questioning the unconditional love that you thought you might have had?

       Think about God's love for us.  Throughout the ages God has given humans so many second chances and what did they do with God's love for them?   Rejected it.   God has faced more rejection than any one person ever has.   To think that He has given us everything including our very lives and so many continue to reject Him.  Why?

        If you think that God has put conditions on His love for us, perhaps you should consider this more thoughtfully.  He has laid everything right before you.   God's children are the ones who have established the conditions.  We can accept or reject Him.   We have two choices in the end.  If we accept then we will be in God's presence for eternity.

        God shows us real love.   Can we love Him back?

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  1. Unconditional love can even be pushed to the limit, as you know I have off spring problems, well yesterday as I need advice from my daughter I wrote a letter and put it in her mail box as she was at work, I had the most abusive phone call last night.
    I have always been there for her through thick and thin......think I have to face the fact that now is the time to "Let Go" sad yes but I can hold my head up high knowing I have done my best,All olive branches from the tree are gone.

  2. Great post. I don't believe we can come close to loving like God does, but with His power He can love through us.

  3. >>...God has faced more rejection than any one person ever has.

    Oh, how true! Never thought about that before, LEE, but you're so right and that's a fact that needs to be remembered.

    YVONNE ~ I am going to say a prayer for you about this circumstance you find yourself in. Don't give up yet; let's pray about it and then just wait and see what happens, OK?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Thanks, I got your message and appreciate your kindness.

  4. A good reminder of the TRUE in true love. Thanks.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  5. Thank you all. Yvonne, I think many are praying for you. Like you say, you might have to leave your efforts to prayers and let God do His work.


  6. YES. This is such a good reminder. God's love is so deep that he sent his only Son to live, die and rise for us, so that we could spend eternity with him. And what I think is incredible is that God loves us so much that he GIVES us the ability to love him in return! He says, Here's what I've done for you. Now I'll help you to respond to my love for you. It's all about grace. All about Jesus. :)

  7. Yes we can love God; because He loved us first! In Christ there's no way you can't love God!The Spirit fills you with Love!!


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