Monday, April 15, 2013

Meditation (#atozchallenge)

Bible studies at Capernwray
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       Who has time to think about God or read the Bible?   We are busy people with things to do!   We may have jobs to go to, school classes to attend, or work around the house.   Then there are activities for our kids or for us.  Let's not forget time for exercise, shopping, or eating out.  And to give us a break from all of those things we need time for the recreational activities like reading, watching television, or going to the movies.  Life is short so why fill it up with little God things?

         Yes we are busy people in a busy world.  Our schedules are filled with activities and we don't have available time to fit in much of anything else.  Or do we?  What is really important in the long run?  When we think of things that are important to us at the present time we can probably see that a lot of them won't mean anything five, ten, or twenty years from now.  Think of what you were doing ten years ago.  Which things do you remember?  What is still important to you now?

         We don't need to give up living, but we should think about adding those few little things that might enhance living and even help us to live longer.  None of us could go without eating or sleeping.  These are activities necessary to survival.  Likewise sometimes the body and mind need a break from the world around us.  And I mean something besides escapist reading or blankly staring at a television set.

        Try a few minutes of contemplating God and creation.   Read a bit of the Bible.  Start with five minutes a day and see how this works for you.  Surely you can spare five minutes.  Turn off everything for those five minutes and direct your mind solely on the things of God.   You don't even have to believe in God or the Bible.  Just try it for a week or two to see what happens.  If you are giving it an honest shot then I believe you will see a difference in the way you feel and think.

        Are you willing to do this?  I hope so.  At least for that trial period.  Time is our greatest asset.  Do you spend your time wisely?

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  1. I very often sit down and reflect on things whether that's another word for mediation I don't know.


  2. The practice you mention above is addicting and the faithful pursuit of it will absolutely change one's life. I speak from experience! Great post, as always!

  3. And for those of us who blog and write, incorporate God's inspiration into your work:) Have a marvelous week, Lee:)

  4. It is amazing, too, how if we find ways to make a space for God, then the rest of our time is better spent as well. Thanks for the challenging thoughts!

  5. Yvonne -- Quiet reflection can certainly be meditation depending on what your thoughts are about. See Philippians 4:8.

    Elaine -- Nothing speaks louder about quiet meditation than the voice of experience.

    MJ -- Yes, this is a wonderful goal to which to aspire.

    Lisa -- Opening the doors for God will open more doors for you.


  6. yes, i am willing! love this post!

    here's my m-post:


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