Saturday, April 13, 2013


Love of God
Love of God (Photo credit: KareneeArt)

        The Bible is a love story.  The Bible is the story of  God's love for His children and the love He asks of us.   Can you imagine the parent who does not love their child?    What kind of horrible parent would that be?   God has put us here for a reason and that reason has everything to do with love.

         Today I take a different approach in presenting a video of a song that never fails to move me when I listen to it and especially listen to the lyrics.   I think any parent can particularly relate to this great song by a singer who was originally a member of the Christian group 2nd Chapter of Acts.

         Take a listen and take note of the lyrics:

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  1. Love is a wonderful word and yes the Bible writes about that love, Great post Lee.


  2. I absolutely love this blog of yours and am SO grateful for the love of God in my life. Thanks for every single one of these posts! Your blog is on my must-read list.

  3. Wanted to say also that your "Take the Next Step" is also wonderful, a much-needed and often overlooked inclusion that other inspirational bloggers would be wise to consider, myself included. Thanks!

  4. Most parents do the best that they can....

  5. Wow, what a beautiful,beautiful song. So glad you shared it, Lucy from Lucy's Reality


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