Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charle Peacock

           One of my favorite groups, Petra would seem to be the obvious choice for the letter P,  but I've decided to go with another favorite Christian artist--Charlie Peacock.  He has been an influential artist who has contributed to many albums as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.

           Some of his earlier music was similar to groups like The Police, but his music also reflects influences from reggae, jazz, and pop.  His sound is often very commercial but his subject matter is rooted in Christian values.  Charlie Peacock has a good polished sound that I have enjoyed for many years.  There's also cool abstract juggler artwork on the cover of his Lie Down In the Grass album.

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  1. Liked your post, Lee. I also enjoyed the song. I don't know many Christian musical artists and this was quite enjoyable. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Today he's perhaps best attached to The Civil Wars. He's the producer or some such on that band's hit cd. His son plays on it too I believe.

  3. Interesting sound! Keep up the A-Z good work :) Kate

  4. I like The Police. Your post reminded me of a high school classmate named Petra. I always thought that was an interesting name. She was a fearless girl and very cool.

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  5. Ah, you should'a picked Petra. Meh!

    Just kidding! I like your choice!

  6. Yvonne -- Thanks!

    Fran -- there are many fine Christian artists who are worth a listen.

    Ron -- I'm not familiar with The Civil Wars as a group. I'm a bit detached from the music scene lately.

    Kate-- Thanks!

    Nicole -- I think Petra means something like "Rock" which could be fearless and even cool.

    Petra -- Seemed like the obvious choice didn't it.



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