Monday, April 9, 2012


           One Sunday morning I heard our church's worship team play this song.  They had played it before, but on this one particular Sunday morning it hit me that this is an incredibly beautiful song.

            Later that afternoon I searched on YouTube to see if I could find the song.   After discovering that the song was by Australian group Hillsong, I sought out some of their CDs--especially the one with "All I Need Is You".   This is now one of my favorite modern praise songs.  And I think Hillsong is an wonderful group in all of its various incarnations.  

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  1. It is a wonderful song I agree. Great H post.


  2. I lover when music hits you like that. Makes you want to go out and listen more. So enjoyed your post. :)

  3. beautiful song! i love the lead's voice... their name sounds really familiar, but i've never heard this one.

  4. You know when your world is out of whack, this song's message just brings you running back to the Lord. Woh!

  5. I find this song to be so meditative and reflective.

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