Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soul Stirrers

            Before he became a star, "King of Soul" Sam Cooke was a part of the influential black gospel group The Soul Stirrers.   This quartet was started in the 1920s and had already attained a huge following by the time Cooke joined them in the 1950s.  The Soul Stirrers and groups like them were the predecessors of soul and rhythm and blues music.  Many of the black artists that exploded into the pop music scene of the 1960s got their starts in gospel quartets or singing in the church.

           The song showcased in this post, "Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb", was part of the curious 1950s fixation on the devastating force of atomic weapons.  This power had already been demonstrated with the bombs that had been dropped on Japan near the end of World War 2.   Apprehension grew as the world entered a race to amass the most and biggest weapons.

           This song suggests that this worry was misplaced.  People were worrying about what they might do to one another, but there is something much bigger that we all should be considering.  When Jesus returns the effect is going to be on a much bigger scale than an atomic bomb.    The works of man are trivial compared to the power of God.

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  1. I liked Sam Cooke, had some good songs way back,
    Thanks for today's music. Lovely.


  2. I never knew this about Sam Cooke - I also didn't know you had so many blogs!

  3. Who would have known? Thanks for sharing about Sam Cooke, lovely voice.

  4. This brings back memories! Our youngest boy could not go to sleep without listening to Sam Cook. Sometimes I think my husband even sounds a little like him (but more like Michael Franks, actually). :-)

  5. Lovely to meet you through A-Z.

    Added myself to your followers :)

  6. Hi Arlee! Enjoyed your post. My son listened to the video with me and he thought they were pretty cool.

  7. Yvonne -- Sam Cooke did some fine songs.

    Sheila -- I thought I might have more blogs so I could have more focus on all the different topics I was posting on.

    Elizabeth -- In this example I'm not sure which voice is Sam Cooke's, but he did have a good voice.

    Petra -- Michael Franks vs Sam Cooke? Different styles, but maybe similar voices?

    Anita -- Thank you!

    Susanne --The acapella is pretty cool and the subject matter is rather unique.



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