Tuesday, April 24, 2012


         What more can I say about the band Undercover?  Not much I guess.  I have some of their albums, but I've listened to them very few times.  One thing I've discovered as I've been doing this A to Z Challenge is that I own a lot of music that I've not listened to very often.

        I started to use U2 as my choice for the letter U, but decided that they were more politically leaning than spiritual and everyone knows U2 anyway.  Not too many people have probably heard of Undercover.  And the song is about time.  Time is an interesting subject.   Did you take the time to listen to the song?

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  1. Time is the flame which burns us all....so take time to smell the flowers! This song is about time slipping away...so true! Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you get your 100 followers!

  2. Yes time does slip away all too soon.
    I enjoyed the song. and the post.


  3. I've heard almost all of Undercover's stuff...but I'm on dial up internet this morning and haven't listened to this song. I find their stuff so sad and emotive. In other words, good. Their song writer has left the faith lately though and is quite "vocally" searching online for truth.

  4. Yet another band I haven't heard of. Thanks. I believe time is just another dimension we pass through.

  5. Yes- I listened to the words! Never heard of the group.

    I think time is a man made concept. If there were no clocks no schedules to meet, how would we think regarding time? We simply live until the body dies.


  6. Maria -- Thanks for following. I wish I could put time on hold so I could catch up with a few things.

    Yvonne --Where does time go anyway?

    Ron -- Left the truth to search for the truth? It does happen. I have my moments of questioning too.

    Em -- Time probably means more in our realm than in other realms we may find later.

    Betty -- Time is another form of measurement that helps us gauge aspects of our life. If there were no clocks the sun would still rise and set and we'd undoubtedly notice a passage of time, but not measure it. Interesting to consider.


  7. Time, yes, that again. I think God gave us enough for each day, although we claim otherwise. It's how we use it. Six minutes and eleven seconds don't seem like much, but it all adds up. I made it to 1:27. ;-)

  8. I liked their sound. I didn't pay complete attention to the lyrics because I was listening to it in the background while continuing my email reading. They sound actually a bit like a Christian band called Jerusalem. You've probably not heard their records since they're Swedish...but they're really good. Of course, that's from my childhood, so I have no idea if they're even together still.
    Did my best to get you to 100 brother! I'm really excited because I've been watching this week to see if I can hit 370. I had 70 when you asked me to co-host, and I remember Alex saying he'd added 350 followers last year. It seemed like an impossibly high number, and now I'm one away from a similar milestone! Thanks for having me on board. I'm staying on this train as long as it's running and you don't get tired of me ;-)
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