Friday, April 27, 2012

Greg X Volz

          X is always the problem child in an alphabetical challenge like the A to Z so I'm taking liberties in a way by choosing Greg X Volz to represent this letter.  It's a valid selection I would argue since X is the center of Volz's name.

          Greg X Volz was the lead singer for the legendary Christian rock group Petra for several years.  In the late 1980s he went solo and delivered some excellent albums.  He's gone back to reunite with Petra in recent years.  In my opinion Volz is not only one of the finest singers of Christian music, but one of the best rock singers ever.

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  1. Very clever , your X word.
    Enjoyed the the entertainment.


  2. Wow! I remember Petra! Did not know the names of the band members. Wonder what the X in his name stands for.

  3. Clever X post. I'm sure the A2Z Challenge police will let you slide this time. ;-)

  4. Hi Arlee! Enjoyed your post for the letter X. Liked that video. Will have to find more songs by Petra.

  5. Yvonne -- Thanks

    Mare -- X is for Xavier

    Petra -- Since I am on the A2Z police team I absolve myself.

    Susanne -- Petra is one of the Christian Rock group greats. Volz also put out some excellent solo albums.



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