Saturday, April 28, 2012

Youth Choir

           In the Christian book and music store in the gaudy shopping mall at Heritage U.S.A., the showcase land development project created by PTL evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker, I was looking through the cassettes (that what I was buying back then in the mid 80s).  I ran across a cassette by a group called the Youth Choir.  I bypassed that one then.

         A couple years later the group had apparently realized that no one stays young forever and dropped "Youth" to become just The Choir.  I took a chance on one of their albums and found that it was my kind of music.  The alt rock band had a moody psychedelic sound that was flowing and dreamy, but wasn't afraid to let some rocking happen now and then.

       Now I own several Choir CDs and cassettes (yes, I still have some of those relics that are playable).  The Choir's music has given me hours of listening pleasure at home and accompanied me on many a road trip.  The Choir members are now seasoned and respected artists who were once Youths.

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  1. I enjoy hearing youth choirs, here they have a yearly contest for the best youth choir.


  2. I love these guys too, Lee. They were just touring a few weeks ago again, they keep going, if only for a faithful few!

  3. @ Arlee - Thank you. I always enjoy your stories.

    Thank you,

    Daron Henson

  4. I like them now too because of the share! Thanks. the way, I made you hit the 100th follower! Yeah!

  5. Now you are at 101, cool.
    I can understand why you now enjoy their music, driving along with this kind of beat playing can only put you in a good space.
    Blessings and well done, Geoff.

  6. Yvonne -- This is a very different sounding Youth Choir/

    Ron-- They have a great sound.

    Daron -- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

    Club -- Thanks for helping me reach my A to Z goal for this blog.

    Geoff -- I like listening to them when I drive or late at night.



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