Friday, April 13, 2012

Mylon Lefevre

         One of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music, Mylon Lefevre came from a well-known gospel singing family, The Singing Lefevres.  At age 17 Mylon wrote his first hit "Without Him", a song that was recorded by Elvis Presley and others.  After finishing a stint in the army, Mylon sang with the famous Southern gospel group The Stamps Quartet.

         In the late 60's Mylon Lefevre began a career in rock music during which he rubbed shoulders and recorded with many top artists of the time.  He also became heavily involved with drugs.

         Drug rehab helped Mylon clean up and in 1980 he recommitted his life to Jesus Christ and began a new career as a Christian rock artist.  He and his band were honored in 1987 with Dove and Grammy awards for the Crack the Sky album.

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  1. As always you come up with someone who is not well known to many people but on listening to them,one wonders why .


  2. ....yet another blog, Arlee?

    My favourite Christian band is Big Daddy Weave, who I stumbled on by accident!

    The Christian music scene here in the UK seems to be more closed shop than the US - Christian bands are never played on national radio stations! When Delirious were still together a groundswell of social media pushed them up the charts - despite BBC radio DJ's giving them no air-time! (apparently they went down well in the US? Typical - prophets rejected in their own country!)

    I like Tim Hughes and Matt Redman (Hughes' Dad was vicar of my daughter's church when she was living in Birmingham - the Hughes brothers would often turn up and lead worship unannounced!)

    My son went to a Christian rock music college here and did bass and has played on one or two compilation albums as well as doing sound for the guys at Christian festivals and gigs!

  3. Loved the song and the info about the artist. You are expanding my horizons - thanks for sharing! Visiting from A to Z Challenge, and following, of course!
    Elaine @ A Heart 4 Heaven

  4. Growing up among the Christian music scene I am surprised I havent heard of him

    thanks again for stopping by our site
    L is for... can't remember

  5. I like their sound Arlee, and I would not have heard them if it had not been for your sharing of their music right here! Thank you.

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  6. Yvonne -- Mylon is one of those whose songs are probably more well-known than he is.

    Sue H -- Christian music is not often found on mainstream stations--mostly only on Christian stations. I like Delirious and the other praise and worship artists.

    Elaine - Expanding horizons is one of my goals.

    Ladysknight-- Mylon has written some standards that I've seen in the hymnals that used to be common in churches. The Singing Lefevre Family are gospel legends.

    November -- I'm always glad to share music that I like.



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